solar-ground-mounted-kraneSolar panels convert the sun rays directly into usable energy that can be used to power your homes or businesses. So need not worry if you do not have a roof where the system can be set up, you can set it up on ground as well where the sunlight would reach the panels without any interruption.

The PV panels are made of semi conducting material which has silicon as its base between two electrical contacts. A flat roof or a sloping southwards facing roof is the perfect place to mount the solar panel. Alternatively, east-west facing roofs are also good to design with. The ideal tilt to horizon is equal to the latitude of the place. The semi conductor sandwich is protected from hail, windy grit and wildlife by a sheet of glass. So? No worries!

Alongside the PV system implementation, we also provide you with solutions that can help you monitor the energy your panels produce every day and the energy being consumed by you that day. It would also provide monthly & yearly averages when you sit comfortably in your cozy office and need not take special efforts as the information lays just a few clicks away.

Details make a difference.

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