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The JIB cranes we manufacture are explosion proof conductor.
You can avail two types of JIB cranes from our company:

  • Self Supported Pillar Mounted
  • Wall Mounted.
  • CAPACITY: 250kg to 500kg.
  • LIFT: UPTO 8 to 10M.
  • ROTATION: 180 degree/ 270 degree/ 360 degree.

The Jib would comprise a horizontal steel section with robust fabricated bracing`s. The Jib crane post is fabricated from a, hot rolled, tubular steel section, having accurately aligned pivot plates, machined, to accept the radial slewing and thrust bearings. These sealed for life bearings carry the jib arm and provide
smooth slewing characteristics to allow the operator controlled load movement with a minimum of effort. The Jib Crane post is provided with a gusseted base plate, drilled to suit the foundation bolts.
The complete Jib Crane would be painted in accordance with our standard, QP15 anti-corrosive system.
An electrical isolator switch would be provided on the crane post, 1500mm above floor level, to accept your incoming power supply. All wiring from this isolator to the hoist unit via the Crane post and Jib arm would be included in our scope of supply.


  • Manufactured using the latest designs and calculations derived from our Modern software’s.
  • JIB master pole is made of seamless pipe or is fabricated from rolled steel section in accordance to the crane capacity.
  • The pillar & arm are well designed to make sure the deflection is as minimum as possible during loaded conditions.
  • We provide our wire rope hoist of compatible capacity as a lifting device.
  • Brackets are bolted on walls or on columns of existing infrastructure of jib’s in case of wall mounted jib cranes.

Details make a difference.

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